domingo, 8 de julio de 2012

Leather Jackets: all you need to know, Magdalena del Mar

LEATHER & SUEDE whose origins date back to early 1991 to start only the commercialized time later.

It was necessary to provide our customers a dye, maintenance, modification and repair of high quality, affordable as possible without deterioration of quality,

Well, actually put the machine after a true specialist with experience and knowledge

In Magdalena del Mar from the beginning we seek a place of easy access throughout metropolitan Lima, and additionally a home delivery service pickup and delivery of garments (if prior to detail on the phone with full identifying codes and additional payment) if not are more than one

In a field that requires highly specialized such as leather goods and / or other similar materials and in view of the wide variety of items used,
It is of great benefit to our clients to have a facility with these features.

You can be sent simultaneously make: jackets, wallets, handbags, accessories and more and also thousands of objects purchase
a cleansing gel or rubber to maintain your nubuck leather goods

Megacenter Mall

Jiron Bolognesi 364 118 Magdalena del Mar store

next to Scotiabank and BCP

between 36 and 37 of the av. Brazil



MOVISTAR 99506-78-77

9901-47-707 MOVISTAR 24 HOURS