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Nobuk jackets: as renovar.como restore

Exist before this new mass communication tool periodically inform our way we did our services by conventional means.

Advertising materials and flyers, as well as loudspeakers in the area for many years working in the surrounding districts, and in Magdalena del Mar, and we distributed 10,000 leaflets monthly almost every house.We visited the districts of San Miguel, Pueblo, San Isidro, Jesus Maria, La Perla, or Maranga. It was a daunting task, to do personally and that allowed us for long periods maintain a permanent customer base, but it also required us to provide the highest quality cleaning services nubuck, suede genuine suede peccary, old-looking leather or leather flipped


This is not an easy task, and never will be, and always demands to know much that if here is any person seeking information suede cleaning. You should know in advance that should never allow his or nubuck suede jackets are filled with mushrooms, and if you already are never touched, and

Take him to a specialist so that if the fungus or mold is recent can be removed very gently with rubber dry nubuck

.If it allows those freckles disappear or brownish black garment may recover completely after a thorough cleaning and coloring later ... as if it had never been hongueado

.(Here again we clean we give a simple tip that never honguen).This process is expensive, however some customers may search by ignoring and not to spend or put them prices.
the piece of cloth, having got brought refused to do for weeks to come 

...Having got battered by putting them into a washing machine and fixing fungi to chamois so imperishable, that is when we can say it is not possible to repair

.But nobuk if possible if it has been discolored and strong we can convert them to leather freckles Why nubuck if? It is very simple, has short hair and is not porous like peccary and allows fine leather dyed to make it ... if you are a very pretty soft and not lose the garment.

Timely information is worth a thousand tips later.

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Leather & Wipes "Enzo Gugliermino"
364.tienda Jr.Bolognesi 118-Magdalena del Mar
Next to the Scotiabank and BCP
between 36 and 37 of Avenida Brasil
1/2 block from Sucre
Phone New-401-9738
Phone 7872880:
-Movistar 99-506-78-77
Movistar :9901-47-707     24 hours

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